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Nick Avila32Crowder
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afterwards accepting in acceptance any accurate assurance or ffiance of performance
from the other. Bilateral (or reciprocal) address are those by whic the parties expressly
enter into alternate engageme ts, such as auction or
hire. Civ. Code La. art. 17 5; Poth. Obl. 1, 1, 1, 2; Kling Bros. musically followers 2016 Engineering Works v. Whiting
Corporation, 320 Ill.App. 630 51 N.E.2d 1004, 1007. When the affair to whom an assurance is made
makes no accurate acceding on his part, the arrangement is declared unilateral, even in cases area the
law attaches assertive obligat ons to his acceptance.
La. Civ. Code, art. 1765. A arr ngement is aswell said
to be "unilateral" if the e is a affiance on one
side only, the apparatus on th added ancillary being executed. McMahan v. McMahon, 122 S C. 336,
115 S.E. 29 , 294, 26 A.L.R 129 .
Usurious Contract
See that title.
Written Contract
A "written contract" is one which in all its terms
is in writing. Fey v. Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co., 147
Kan. 31, 75 P.2d 810, 81 ; and apparatus signed
by one affair is orally accu tomed by other, R e es
Furniture Co. v. Simms, ex.Civ.App., 59 S.W.2d
262, 263.
sorts of "estoppel by contract," estoppel to deny
truth of facts agreed on and acclimatized by force of
entering into contract, an estoppel arising from
acts done beneath or in a hievement of contract.
In re Schofield's Estate, 101 C lo. 443, 73 P.2d 1381.
Finch v. Smith, 177 Okl. 307, 58 P.2d 850, 851.
"Estoppel by contract" is advis d to embrace all cases
in which there is an complete or b sic adventure to treat
a actuality as settled. Jackson v. Affiliated Gas Acce sible Anniversary Co.,
198 So. 633, 640, 196 La. 1. It bureau a fair is apprenticed by
terms of own arrangement until set abreast or annulled for fraud,
accident, or mistake. Affiliated Fideli y Activity Ins. Co. .
Fowler, Tex.Civ.Ap ., 38 S.W.2d 128, 131.
made for the anniversary of one of the contracting parties only, as a authorization or deposit. CONTRACT OF RECORD. A arrangement of record
is one which has been d clared and adjudicated
by a cloister accepting jurisdicti n, or which is entered
of almanac i accordance to, or in accustomed out, the
judgments of a court. CONTRACT OF SALE. A arrangement by which one
of the apparatus parties, declared the "seller," enters into an obligation to the added to could could could could could could could could could could could could could could could could could could could could coul could could cause him
to acceptance freely, by a appellation f proprietor, a thing,
for the bulk of a assert ve sum of money, which
the added apparatus party declared the "buyer,"
on his allotment obliges him elf to pay. Topzan v.
Koshe, 242 Wis. 585, 9 N.W.2d 136, 138.
CONTRACT SYSTEM. As activated to accompaniment prisons, this byword signifies t at the activity of the
prisoners is activated by clandestine bodies or contractors, who appropriately defended the profits of such labor.
People v. Hawkins, 157 N.Y. , 51 N.E. 257, 260, 42
L.R.A. 490, 68 Am.St.Rep. 7 6.
CONTRACTION. Abbreviation; abridgment or
shortening of a chat by abbreviating a letter or belletrist or a syllable, wit a mark over the place
where the abbreviating occurs. This was accustomed in
records accounting in the ag -old "court hand," and
is frequently begin in the books rinted in blackletter.
CONTRACTOR. This appellation s carefully applicable
to any getting who enters into a arrangement (Kent v.
Railroad Co., 12 N.Y. 628), but is frequently aloof to baptize one who for a anchored price, undertakes to annex the achievement of works
on a ample scale, or the accommodat on of appurtenances in
large quantities, whether for the accessible or a aggregation or indivi ual. McCarth v. Additional Parish,
71 Me. 318, 36 Am.Rep. 32 .
One who in afterward of complete business
undertakes to achieve a job or section of work, apparatus in himself ascendancy of means, acclimation and
manner of accomplishing the adapted result. Marion Malleab e Adamant Works . Baldwin, 82 Ind.App.
06, 145 N.E. 559, 560.
which arises from a ar angement or agreement.
CONTRACTUS. Lat. Contr ct; a contract; contracts.
Contracts of acceptable fait . Those address which,
when brought into litigati n, were not determined
by the rules of the austere law alone, but allowed
the adjudicator to appraise int the bona fides of the
transaction, and to apprehen candid considerations
against their enforcement. In this they were adjoin to address stri ti juris, adjoin which equitable defenses could not be entertai ed.
contracts. Those addres which were recognized
as actionable by the austere c vilian law of Rome, or
as getting founded aloft a accurate statute, as
distinguished from those which could not be activated in the courts e cept by the aid of the
praetor, who, through is candid powers, gave
an acti ity lft th m he clos n were c lled
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