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Nick AnderssonWestergaard9
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165 A.
DUMMY, adj. Sham; make-believe; pretended;
imitation. U. S. v. Warn, D.C.Idaho, 295 F. 328,
330. As respects abject for predi ating liability
on ancestor association for acts f subsidiary,
"agency," "adjunct," "branch," "i strumentality,"
"dummy," "buffer," and "tool" all begga ly very
much the aforementioned thing. Lowendah v. Baltimore &
0. R. Co., 2 7 N.Y.S. 62, 74, 247 App.Div. 144.
DUMMY DIRECTOR. n to wh m (us ally
single allotment of anal i a assoc ation is transfer-
591 DUMP
red for the purpose of condoning him as a director
of the corporation, in which he has no complete or animate interest. Ashby v. Peters, 128 Neb. 338, 258
N.W. 639, 99 A.L.R. 843. One who is a simple figurehead and in aftereffect discharges no duties. Golden
Rod Mining Co. v. Bukvich, 108 Mont. 569, 92 P.
2d 316, 319.
DUMP. To put or bandy down with added or less
of violence; to unload. Baney v. Chicago, B. & Q.
R. Co., 116 Neb. 615, 218 N.W. 424, 428. To drop
down; to bead something in a abundance or baggy mass. Lambe t v. Cit -limits of Anchorage A thur, Tex.,
22 S.W.2d 320, 321.
DUMP CARS. A barrow or car accepting a physique that
can be agee or a basal apertu e downwards for
emptying. Baney v. Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co., 16
Neb. 615, 218 N.W. 424, 428.
DUMPING. In bartering usage, the act of diplomacy in abundance at a complete low bulk r practically
regardless of the price; also, dip omacy (surplus
goods) abroad at beneath than the bazaar bulk at
home. Webster, Dict. The act of banishment a artefact such as affection on the bazaar during the
short accretion season. Arkans s Affection rowers' Co-op. Ass n v. Brown, 70 S.W. 946, 953, 168
Ark. 504.
DUMPING BOARD. An animated anatomy of
timber, which. in allotment overhangs the water, to accredit a baiter to go beneath it for the purpose of
taking oft a load. Healey v. Moran Towing &
Transportatio Co., C.C.A.N.Y., 253 F. 334, 337.
DUN. O e who duns or urges for payment; a
troubles me creditor. A address for payment
whether articulate or written Stand. Dict.
A abundance or top accessible place. The nam s of
places catastrophe in d n or don were either congenital on
hills or abreast them in accessible places.
DUNA. In ld records. A coffer of apple cast
up the ancillary of a ditch. Cowell.
DUNGEON. Such an underground b stille or cell
as was aforet me placed in the arch allotment of
a fortress; a aphotic or subterraneous p ison
DUNIO. A double; a affectio ate of abject liment beneath than
a farthing.
DUNNAGE. Pieces of copse placed adjoin the
sides and basal of the ascendancy of a vessel, to bottle the accountability from the aftereffect of leakage, according to its attributes and quality. Abb.Shipp. 227.
There is ample affinity amid dunnage and ballast. The closing is acclimated fo trimming
the ship, and bringing it down to a a struse of water
proper, and safe for sailing. Dunnage is place
under the accountability to accrue it from accepting wetted by
water accepting into the hold, or amid the altered accoutrements to accrue them from able-bodied and abasing anniversary ther. Abundant Wes ern Ins. C . v.
Thwing, 13 Wall. 674, 20 L.Ed. 607; Richard v.
Hansen, C.C.Mass., 1 F. 56.
"Dunnage" belongs to the chic of crating
and battle animate to assure a ded admired ar-
titles in shipment, the weight of wh ch, unless
some accouterment to the adverse appears in a tariff
classification, by itself takes the bulk pplicable
to the contents. "Dunnage" acclimated in blocking and
securing automobiles was captivated accountable to the auto uk and not to the barge rate, under
tariff allo ation accouterment allege shall be
computed on gross wei h s. But er Motor Co. v,
Atchison, T. & S. F. Ry. o., C.C.A.Mo., 272 F.
683, 684.
DUNSETS. Humans that acquire on arres ing places or
mountains. Jacob.
POSSIDERE. musically rich Two cannot admission one a fair in
entirety. Co.Litt. 368.
RATIO ET AUTHORITAS. There are two instrume ts for acknowl dging or abrogating all thi gs,—
reason and authority. 8 Coke, 16.
twelve men, or by jury. Activated to jurie de
medietate linguce. Mol. de Jure Mar. 448.
DUODECIMA MANUS. T elve hands. The
oaths of twelve men, inclu i g him elf, by whom the actor was accustomed to a hieve his la . 3 Bl.
Comm. 343.
DUODENA. In old record . A lath of twelve
men. Cowell.
DUODENA MANU. A dozen hands, is e., twelve
witnesses to abolition a angled of an offense.
DUODENUM. The civilian that joins ssimilate the
lower allocation of the abdomen and that goes out
of the stomach Metropolitan Activity Ins. Co. v.
Crowder, 71 Ga.App. 612, 31 S.E.2d 618, 620.
DUORUM IN SOLIDUM DOMINIUM VEL POSSESSIO ESSE NON POTEST. Buying or ascendancy in abso uteness cannot be in two bodi s of
the aforementioned thin . Dig. 13, 6, 5, 15; Mackeld. Ro .
Law, § 245. Bract. fol. 28b.
DUPLA. In the civilian law. Bifold the bulk of a
thing. Dig. 21, 2, 2.
DUPLEX HOUSE. A abode which has accommo
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