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Another problem is the fact that folks don't see other people naked. This tendency is rising with every passing year. By not exposing children to "actual" human bodies, they've been left with the belief that what they view online is actually the norm.

How Members with Foreskin Look vs. Circumcised Penises

Circumcision is an ancient practice that removes the skin that houses the head of the dick when it's flaccid. It was done for a number of reasons, but the most prominent was the fact that the member could become infected if the foreskin was not washed properly.

How a Member with Foreskin resembles vs a Circumcised Dick

Nowadays there are many contradictory opinions on circumcision and if it is ethical, moral, or even mandatory. In accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention circumcision in the US has dropped from 64.5% to 58% in recent years. [Source: WebMD]

The Male Dick vs Vaginas in Society

While both of the human sex organs are generally "hidden away" in modern society, members often get more negative attention and reactions. There has been much speculation on why the dick is more taboo. Many point to differences in look between female and male genitalia. The female genitalia is often fully or partly tucked away behind the outer labia, or may otherwise be concealed by pubic hair.

When a woman is naked on TV, in magazines or in the media, that doesn't usually mean that her clitoris or inner labia are on display. So when the bits do occur to be poking out, they may be conveniently edited out of the image so as to please the censors. On the other hand, male genitalia is all out there, even when there's pubic hair.

In regards to nudity and sex in the mainstream media, it is all about what heterosexual guys desire to see. And it's assumed they desire to see naked women. Interestingly enough though, porn researchers Ogas and Gaddam found that all guys, gay or straight, like to look at members almost as much as they enjoy considering vaginas. Depending on their decisions, sex scenes should actually reveal the organ at the same time, to catch male focus.

But then there's homophobia. For the male gaze, heterosexuality is the default, and guys do not want to be found looking at organs for fear of being mistaken as homosexual. In our society, heterosexuality is a significant part of masculinity and manhood. A gay man is viewed as less than the usual man. But we are making progress with LGBT acceptance and slowly moving from restrictive gender standards.

Another reason for the dick taboo may be that women are seen as sexually passive, while men are seen as the aggressors with uncontrollable urges. Hence a unclothed female is non-menacing, while a unclothed male could be a sexual predator. It should be noted that exposing one's penis in public is looked upon much more severely these days than it was several decades ago. A guy got streaking or exposing his manhood is much more likely to face criminal charges and be filed as a sex offender when compared to Catholicism and Nudism - What does the Catholic Church Think? .

What is Standard, What is Not When It Comes ToA Male Dick

The notion of regular is entirely subjective. What's considered normal in a society just isn't always objectively reasonable. However, what is considered "normal" for manhood in modern society is mostly shaped by cultural conventions and dogma.

It is "normal" for a guy to have a circumcised penis (at least in the United States).

It's "ordinary" for a guy to need to have a penis that is certainly at least average in length if not longer.

It is "normal" for parents to want to keep their kids from seeing a penis.

It'd be wise to prevent thinking in terms of ordinary vs. not regular. We are all individual, most have a penis or vagina, some may have both, others may be ambiguous. At the conclusion of the day, it is the merits of a person's values, ethics and conduct which are significant.

By defining something as ordinary, we inevitably define a whole lot of things as abnormal - this could be problematic as people in Home Nudist Inquires How To Be Casually Naked in Front of Surprise Visitor and places may perceive things differently. A big dick may be revered in particular cultures, and smaller-than-typical penises may be more common in some countries, but in the grander scheme of things, no one should care.

For those who may feel like they're not big enough, are too big and so forth, let me only say the best thing you could do is see a bare beach, naturist club or come to some FKK occasion. There is no greater feeling than ridding yourself of the belief that you just are some manner not regular.

While we are not the same, we are all equal and unique - and so are you!

So let us all relax, kick back and pay some homage to all members no matter size, color or contour!

Paying homage to the penis with a song from Young Naturists on Vimeo.

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