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The results of the study were clear: there's a confident relationship between childhood exposure to nudity and adult sexual comfort. Further, the study found that children from birth to age five who were exposed to nudity felt less discomfort with affection and physical contact as they grew older. Kids ages 6-11 who were exposed to nudity (i.e. naturist kids ) had greater self esteem and knowledge about sex.

Margaret Mead is an anthropologist who has finished many studies on the effects of nudity on children and is one of the most well known researchers on this particular issue. Dr. Mead analyzed cultures throughout the world and noted many negative effects that clothing had in the western culture's clothing-dependent society.

These effects include a separation of self from the body, a lack of point of comparison for all body parts because of clothes covering them, a preoccupation with sex that's highlighted through clothing, and too little instruction about the human body associated with insufficient exposure to it. She further identified that the nudity or partial nudity common to more primitive cultures wasn't an indicator of too little modesty, and the manner nudity is managed within a culture is more important compared to the presence of nudity in determining whether it will have negative effects. One area that she stresses is that a kid must see nudity among adults so which they understand what their body will become; this is essential to the growing person.

One common theme through the research was the effect of the household's and society's attitude about nudity on youngsters. The existence of a positive or negative attitude towards nudity was way more significant than another factor in virtually every situation when it came to how a child would respond to nudity around them. These studies demonstrate that not only is nudity not damaging to children (sorry Dr. Spock), but that they can profit in various ways from exposure to nudity in a body-positive, accepting environment.

Children can obtain increased knowledge and comprehension of the body in every one of its forms along with greater comfort with sexuality and physical contact as they grow old. Additionally misses a modeling assignment because of an allergic reaction. More importantly you learn to accept their own bodies and have greater self-esteem. Thus it is really up to us as parents, as teachers, as individuals, as a society, to embrace a more open and accepting perspective of nudity for youngsters to gain.

On a continuing note:

Nudity, Family Nudism and Raising Nudist Kids

Guest nudist Site

Family Nudism and Raising Naturist Children

Naturism is a lifestyle, a philosophy for some. It's not about stripping offone's clothing to be an exhibitionist. It's about personal freedom and acceptance of the human anatomy in all its shapes and attractiveness.

I grew up in a bare home that supportednudismand family nudity.

It was just natural that my husband and I also practice family naturism. When in private, we and our childrenrefrain from wearing clothing in our house and secluded garden. We have chosen a homethat is away from others, enabling us to express ourselves in our own way.

Family Naturism is one form of expression for us. Just as others choose specific clothing to wear, we, in our family, just select to wear none.

Family nudism, nudity in your family and raising naturist children

Our young kids, ages four and six, have complete acceptance of their bodies. They understand the proper names because of their anatomy and use them accordingly.

There's no anxiety or embarrassment about seeing a person nude. My loving husband and I frequently speak about how wonderful our children are. Nudity, in many ways, has brought us all closer together.

As a family, we honor the rights and wishes of others in addition to most societal norms. If business comes to call, for example other youngsters from from our youngsters school, or when we go out in public, everyone is dressed. Yet, just as privacy is restored, we're all fast to lose any covering and poof - back to being the nude family again.

There's nothing like the sensation of the fresh air and heat of Act Naturally & Naked Comedy With the Great Dave Attell on the nakedbody. None of us are uncomfortable while bare in the least. There is nothing sexualabout being anaturistand there is nothing sexual or obscene about uncomplicated family nudity too.

We just enjoy being unclothed and believe that there is nothing wrong with being in our natural state as we go about our daily lives.

From day one, both my loving husband and I grew up with in nudist families. We used to assemble for particular naturist functions so from a young age, we became accustomed to seeing each other's nude bodies.

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