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Now N reveals naturists in all their various shapes, sizes, ages, and skills. As America has gained weight, so too have the folks in N. As naturists have aged, so also have those depicted in its debut journal. No naturist organization and no naturist magazine can assert to more correctly show the attractiveness and vitality, in addition to the warts and scars, of nudism as FKK and N magazine. Arising from the ecologically conscious youth of the 1970s, FKK continues its emphasis on our natural link to the biosphere. Strand and hot spring support groups in the Naturist Network regularly host cleaning days, helping Burning Man Nude - A Naked City At Burningman in caring for the site. This not only helps to nurture good relationships with the site authorities, additionally, it attests a naturist interest in maintaining the integrity and health of the land.

FKK gatherings and festivals normally offer workshops and seminars informing attendees about their relationship to the natural world. Vegetarian choices are offered at assembly and holiday meals. And each party offers the opportunity to escape from the developed club grounds for a day to a local plage or hot spring. This might seem like a little point, but far too many naturists forget the joys of being outside in nature clothes free, surrounded by birds and animals, and swimming in the living water of lakes and streams. Lee Baxandall's early work in theatrical and performance arts set the tone for FKK' support of aesthetic superiority. N has covered many significant art works and events that illustrate the topics of body endorsement of social nudity. Articles have appeared on paintings, sculpture, opera, Natural Beauty - Naturist Girls vs Mother Nature , performance art, literature, and cinema. FKK has supported a number of artists who have shown particular ability in developing naturist themes in an aesthetically pleasing style. FKK has sponsored workshops in art modeling, figure drawing, silk screening, been due not only to his nakedness but also to Thersites' nasty physical look which the poet described in detail. Thersites appears only once in the , acting, dancing, photography, and music. In 1997 and 1998 FKK even hosted clothing-optional Jazz Festivals near Seattle, Washington, featuring the top jazz musicians of the area.

FKK & The Future

As FKK enters the 21st Century, it recognizes that naturists and non-naturists are becoming cyber-literate and that more and more people are looking to the Internet for their information and reading diversion. Although FKK remains a membership organization expressing itself primarily through the printed word and face to face personal interaction, FKK and N are responding to the call for online access. FKK has maintained a Web site since 1996, at The site has been entirely re designed several times, featuring access to N articles, Network contacts, Assembly & Festival info, NAC Alerts, and an online Skinny Dipper Shop.

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