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Nick AaenGonzalez13
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The only other family member I Have told, and the last remaining man knowing of my lifestyle alternative, is my closest cousin. She is fine with it, but like a lot of people, favors me to remain dressed if she's visiting. Nonetheless here comes the crux of ty-as-a-scapegoat-for-problems-including -litter-and-drug-use-that-necessarily-ap pear-in-high-use-recreation-areas-830626 , my dilema, how do I go about telling my pals? I have, like us all I'm certain, some quite close friends. Some that I've known for over 20 years, infact we are more like family than php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist& task=user&id=258457 , they're the brothers and sisters I never had as a kid. The thing is, even though I know some of them will realize, I'm still affraid of being alienated as the bizarre one. What I mean is being singled out as unusual, and having all contact broken, even though they've been there through thick and thin with me.
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My closest friend is of course female, someone that's been there all the time for me and me for her, through really rough times. So we've had beach xxx and laughter together, shared the sad times as well as the great times. Our courses have roamed apart very little over time. So how would, neigh could, I tell her that I like being nude constantly? I hate wearing clothing? My male friends I'm expecting the regular ribbing, thats what we do, we insult each other, but all in good humour. Nonetheless to tell her is going to be hard to say the least, or do I even need to tell my buddies? So you see what my quandry is, how tough things can be to tell someone something you have kept quiet for a long time.)
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